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The journey of healing in grief takes each of us on to our own unique path. There is no right way to grieve. Each of us navigates our way toward healing without clear maps and mile markers. We hope the words and images on these pages will give voice to the words and feelings residing within you, and bear witness to your travels with reverence. – The Authors

“This collection of beautiful photographs and reflections on grief is full of wisdom and understanding.  It is a special gift for anyone who is grieving.  This is a book that I will share with others.”

–  Judy Tatelbaum, LCSW, author of The Courage to Grieve and You Don’t Have to Suffer

 Nourishing the Grieving Heart; Reflections and Paths for Healing provides those confronted with the challenges of grief a rich resource and companion.   So many self help books on this topic of grief are like academic lectures, this is worship!

–   Rev. Catherine Crooks, Minneapolis, Minnesota

This book approaches grief, not so much with an intent to describe, as an intent to facilitate. It is less a lecture on the topography and dynamics of grief than a beautifully expressed guide to rituals for healing grief experience.

– Sheryl Niebuhr, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

Nourishing the Grieving Heart: Reflections and Paths for Healing is a loving gift readers will want to come back to again and again.  View a preview of some of the reflections.

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