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Jane-Lo-ResJane Thompson, MSW began her career as a psychotherapist after completing her graduate studies at Saint Louis University in 1975. Her work has chiefly focused upon bereavement counseling as well as guiding individuals and families in meeting the challenges of chronic and life threatening illnesses. She has accompanied clients as they move through various life transitions and losses.
Throughout Jane’s career, she has regarded her clients as collaborators. She sincerely values the privilege of being allowed to be a compassionate presence in their journeys.
During her career, she has also mentored other clinicians and offered a number of professional and community presentations.
In addition to her rich professional life in Minneapolis, she enjoys reading, Pilates, drawing and the company of those dear to her.
Her website is http://www.empathpress.com, where she invites readers to participate in an ongoing dialogue.

HollyHolly Cashin is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and worked professionally as a physical therapist for 25 years. Her role working with disabled children and adults has been immensely fulfilling and given her much insight into the grief experienced with the loss of physical abilities.
She has raised three acitve and healthy boys that kept her on her toes for many years.
Holly is now retired from her work as a physical therapist and spends her leisure time travelling with her family, reading, gardening, and socializing.

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2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Just bought your book today at the UM hospital gift store. It is beautiful and metaphorically rich. I will be needing it soon on two counts: First, my husband of 35 years has stage 4 glioblastoma and we are walking the journey of a shortened life span for him. Second, I am assembling speakers for a grief group that will be hosted at the church I serve as pastor. That group will meet on Mondays in April and May. Is there any chance either of you might be one of our speakers? In this spring series, we want to focus on putting the pieces back together following significant loss. Thank you for the heart and soul you give to your work.

    • Kristie,

      My sincere apologies for the delay in responding to your email. My computer has been malfunctioning and I just recovered some of my files this very evening. I imagine it is too late now but certainly would always be pleased to speak at the grief group. I rather recently spoke to the Edina Grief Coalition.

      I’m deeply sorry to learn of this challenge of glioblastoma facing you and your husband. May you be blessed with the support, the strength and the grace to walk together knowing peace and feeling held.

      I’d like to give you my direct email and again apologize for the very delayed reply.
      email: janeltson@comcast.net


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